Peter Smittenaar

I am a freelance researcher and data scientist interested in improving human health through technology and data. I work with Hinge Health to bring convenient and effective care to people living with chronic knee or low back pain. I also work with Surgo Foundation in Washington D.C. to develop machine learning-driven solutions for practitioners in international development. I also worked with Healum, a young company working to tackle chronic disease.

Prior to this I was the science lead in the Citizen Science team at Cancer Research UK. We developed mobile and web-based applications that let over 500k people help out with large-scale data analysis projects in cancer research.

In April 2015 I finished my PhD in neuroscience (pdf) with Ray Dolan at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL. This work on the neuroscience of decision-making and reward learning was the foundation for my Henry Wellcome fellowship to do 4 years of independent post-doctoral research, which I ended up foregoing.

I am also one of the developers of The Great Brain Experiment, a smartphone game that collects behavioural science data from across the population with 130k users and counting.

Academic publications

PhD thesis

Smittenaar, P. (2015) Action control in uncertain environments. [pdf]


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